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Fischer CCF is an investment and consulting company with a focus on the construction and real estate industry.

We sell high-quality property portfolios and commercial properties, primarily in the off-market.  We also sell distressed properties and offer financial restructuring of construction and property companies..

Commercial Real Estate

Our clients include companies in the construction industry, portfolio holders, real estate investors and wealthy private individuals.

Corporate Finance

We advise professional investors and companies on comprehensive investments in India. Our partners in India are among the best in their segment.

Investments in India

We are CCF -  

What we stand for:

Financial expertise, transaction competence, the will to find solutions, assertiveness, integrity and access to people who make decisions.

This is what drives us:

To get better, every day. And to remain humble even when we succeed. This is the only way we can continue to serve our clients and their requirements at the highest level.

We provide support in financial restructuring of construction and real estate companies and developer in distressed situations.
Our clients demand comprehensive solutions and the assignments are usually time-critical. 
Our work is usually closely linked to the sale of the company, parts of it and/or the separation, sale and capitalisation of the associated property and land portfolios.

Real Estate and Developer

Construction, building materials, construction machinery - this is the common thread running through our company history. We have set up complex financing, monitored domestic and foreign companies, prepared analyses for construction markets, acquired investors for construction machinery dealers, financially structured complex construction projects in the Middle East and sold companies in the construction industry. Always with a focus on the finances and their decision-makers.

Construction industry

Production halls, logistics halls, office complexes, unusual commercial properties - with a clear focus on distressed properties. Our journey includes liquidations, sale & leasebacks, restructuring sales and inheritance communities. As a highly specialized service provider, we combine financial expertise with real estate expertise.  This makes us the perfect partner for owners, funds and creditors.

Commercial Real Estate

We have been providing specific services for private equity companies and investment companies since 2016. We have identified and approached targets, sold companies to private equity, advised investment companies on German activities and, most recently, developed investment analyses and strategies with our partner in India.

Investment Firms

As a real estate investor, investment fund or private equity, you might see the need for a long-term strategic change in your real estate portfolio. Fischer CCF introduces you to investors who are capable in taking over extensive real estate portfolios, usually as share deals. These off-market addresses are managed and informed by Fischer CCF on a regular basis.

Real Estate Portfolios

Our focus on tasks and sectors

Commercial Real Estate

Financial expertise paired with real estate expertise is one of the success factors in finding a feasible solution for owners and/or creditors of commercial real estate in special situations (distressed). Our sweet spot is office buildings, halls for production, logistics, warehouses and special real estate. We sell properties to national and international investors and provide support until the complete handover to new owners and also advise on off-balance sheet financing such as sale & lease back.

We support the financial restructuring of construction and real estate companies and financial optimization in turbulent times.

Our clients demand comprehensive solutions and the assignments are usually time-critical. We are used to managing multi-disciplinary interest groups in these processes and providing transparent and regular information. Fischer CCF is registered as a real estate broker according to § 34c para. 1 GewO.

Corporate Finance

Capital and Cash Flow are the backbone of your company. But there are particular challenges in the asset-intensive construction and property industry. Large projects require partners (investors), financing needs complex payment flows over the construction period, project companies need cash. In challenging times, banks expect more equity and shareholders need funds. Investors are sought, shares being sold, companies divest. Precise work, commitment, time pressure, reliability - this is the basis of our corporate finance solutions for

  • Setting up complex financing arrangements

  • Acquisition of investor capital

  • Joint ventures / partnerships

  • Sale / acquisition of shares

  • Sale of companies / M&A

  • Restructuring of the liabilities side

Each of these services is accompanied by our financial modelling and intensive activities to place your interests on the market.

Investments in India

The Indian decade offers investment companies, funds and companies great prospects, strong growth and therefore a super return. But India is complex, multi-layered and often one thing for us Europeans: incomprehensible.

We work for and with the best Indian service providers in the fields of consulting, tax and law, who are represented in the most important cities and have international experience. We can therefore advise you with incomparable precision:

  • Strategy on India: strategy, research, market research, location analysis

  • For investment funds: analyses, strategies and potentials

  • Partnerships: Research and high-level discussions with decision-makers

  • Joint venture partners: research, targeting, implementation of joint venture structures

  • M&A: research and high-level contact with companies and their decision-makers

In all cases, we can provide legal and tax advice at the highest level through our partners.

Solutions for a wide range of situations

India's economy is fascinating, growing and attracting investors worldwide. How can you get in? What steps do you need to take? What is your time horizon?

How do I capitalize space that becomes available? How can I relieve the balance sheet?

Companies become leaner - space requirements shrink

Successor sought but not found - what options do you have?

What opportunities are there, what value can be achieved, what alternatives are there, what fees will I have to pay? And above all: what is your red line?

Can my business be sold?

How do you achieve the sale of a property in a distressed situation within a short period of time and on realistic terms? What role do creditors, debtors and similar interests play in this?

Real estate is the cornerstone of restructuring?


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